Blacksmith's Defense
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Enemy Lineup: Giant, Ranged, Melee, Sapper, Tank

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Ye olde Blacksmith, sans cybernetics

Justin hrala blacksmith

Ye olde Blacksmith

Blacksmith's Defense

Initially the assets were part of an Epic Game Jam project that I was part of. I continued to refine the assets, focusing on heavy stylization and lighting. I wanted to push the concept of the game jam idea into a scene. No UVs, just multiple materials and real-time lighting in Unreal Engine.

Story: The blacksmith was in the process of building a new arm using some enchanted ore he found, when space robot aliens attack, wanting the ore for themselves! He fends them off, recyling parts to build better and better defenses (and sweet, sweet cybernetic upgrades). In doing so, he defends the distant village, slays the dragon, becomes famous on KnightBook, etc...