Wide Open Field: WIP 01

Work In Progress / 13 June 2018

Been doing a lot of materials for this! And they still need tweaking, but I really wanted to see how it'll start coming together. Lots to do yet! Critiques welcome :)

Rocky Grass WIP

Work In Progress / 06 June 2018

Been working on some grass. Reusing and repurposing old nodes and seeing what kind of results I can get.


Worn Wood WIP 01

Work In Progress / 23 May 2018

I think I might have a thing for always alliterating.

Anyway, been going forward on a side project. Here's some worn wood. Needs a few more hours of tweaking. I like how it started out. Pretty straight forward to make.

Fancy Flowers WIP 01

General / 15 May 2018

Began the next part of the little side project mentioned yesterday on these while my girlfriend hunted Thanos in Fortnite.

All Substance, lots of nesting. I'll post a breakdown of this once the project is done. There's a lot to tweak and lots of settings to expose.

Learning Leaves!

General / 13 May 2018

Finallly learned to make leaves today! I'm doing a small side project for a family member that forced me to check this off the list. Many thanks to Rich Piper over at Eat3D  for publishing a great tutorial to help get me started! 

Wet Layered Cliff WIP 01

General / 29 April 2018

Spent a bit working on a wet layered cliff material. Will polish it up sometime :) 

Hex Tiled Floor WIP 02

General / 25 April 2018

Just messed around with some coloration and (maybe) some gold inlays.

Adding dirt will be my next step, along with getting a couple really worn tiles in there and tell some kind of story.

Hex Tiled Floor WIP 01

General / 24 April 2018

Started working on a hex tiled floor (or wall, or ceiling) tonight. I'm liking how its starting out. The reference I'm going from has a lot of interesting challenges for wear and tear. I added the cracks and height offsets "just because".  C/C always welcome.

Rocky Sand Material Redux WIP-02

General / 21 April 2018

Tonight's update. Small nap after work leads to some creative times in the wee hours of the morning. I like what a little bit of random seed variation can do!




Rocky Sand Material Redux WIP-01

General / 18 April 2018

Updating a material I was working on a while back. Gotta get these rocks right!